May 12th – 22nd, 2024

Registration open, let’s get going!

Michigan will be rockin’ Israel with 10 action packed days of touring with Birthright Israel. Come see Israel in a new way with an amazing group led by your favorite rabbis. Learn, grow, and be inspired. Whether you’ve never been to Israel, or you’re coming back for another round, we guarantee you’ll love this trip.

SECURITY: We understand that the security situation in Israel is an evolving matter and will affect how your trip will be run. Your security is of the utmost importance and the JRC and Birthright go to great lengths to ensure that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience. By registering for Birthright now, you are expressing you interest in going but are not obligated if the situation escalates and you change your mind.

There are many flavors of Birthright trips out there, why should you go with the JRC and OU-Israel Free Spirit?

Our trip contains all the elements of a “typical” Birthright trip, but we strive to add one major theme – a meaningful JEWISH experience. This is NOT a religious trip, but it is a Jewish trip, and that means we provide access to making this trip as Jewish as you want. We accomplish this, for example, by spending Shabbat in the Old City, and seeing the vibrancy of life on Shabbat (as opposed to staying on a kibutz away from city life). You will have a rabbi on your bus to answer any questions you have, engage in interesting conversations, and to provide perspective on our shared ancient history.

  • Daily tours, Jerusalem, Tzfat, the Negev, Bedouin Tents, Camels, Masad, Shabbat in the Old City

  • Immersive culture experience with IDF soldiers on our bus

  • Inspirational Jewish content

  • Price, free with refundable $350 deposit


Through our partnership with Olami we’re offering you two internship tracks. As a pre-req for this internship, you’ll come to Israel with us for an amazing two week trip. Then take a few weeks off before starting a top-notch internship!

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