No Shabbat meals at JRC Oct 11th-12th

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The Jewish Resource Center is your Home Away From Home

We invite you to join hundreds of Jewish students who make the JRC a weekly hangout. The JRC is a campus organization providing YOU with trips, Shabbat meals, internships, and many other Jewish experiences which will blow you away!

Olami Inspire Fellowship

Get Paid to Learn!

Olami Inspire Fellowship (formerly known as the Maimonides Fellowship) is a ten-week Jewish leadership and learning program that brings Judaism alive in a way you have never experienced before. Together with a small, carefully selected group of your fellow Michigan students, you will spend the next ten weeks learning, leading, and living Judaism like never before. Specifically, Inspire classes cover diverse leadership topics, give a brief understanding of the Torah and provide practical applications of leadership in society. Rabbi Fully and Jewish leaders from various fields teach the classes on weekly basis. Students also have the ability to enjoy inspiring and stimulating lectures and classes, two Shabbatons with the Detroit Jewish community, and much more. By the end of the ten week program, students will not only gain a new perspective of the world but of their own life and self, while at the same time becoming more familiar with their roots. Plus, you’ll receive a stipend upon completion.

Fall Semester 2019 registration is now open.

Upcoming Trips and Events

Birthright Israel, Poland, extended learning trips, and holidays we’ve got you covered

The JRC Israel Trip – May 6th-21th, 2019

This year Rabbi Fully and Rabbi Yitz are teaming up to provide you the most amazing Israel trip! This trip is like Birthright taken to the next level, you’ll get all the awesome touring, plus real immersion into Israeli life and culture. If you’ve never been to Israel, or you want to see Israel again through a different lens, this trip has a ton to offer you.

To find out what JRC Israel is all about, and to apply, please click below


When is your Hebrew Birthday??

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday, so why not celebrate twice?! Use this calculator to find out your Hebrew birthday and, if you leave us your email, we’ll tell you some cool mystical things about your birthday that you can share with your friends. Oh, and if your birthday falls out during the school year, we’ll treat you to a yummy homemade cookie, because, why not?!

Welcome to the New JRC

We shape our buildings, thereafter the building shapes us ~ Winston Churchill

Ask any JRC regular and they’ll tell you: a huge part of what make the JRC special is our unique building. The open floor plan that allows for easy conversations, the coffee bar and slushy machine by the front door, or the cozy couches in library; they all add to the JRC’s motto – “Your Jewish HOME away from home.”

In 2017 we set out to solve a wonderful problem — more students than we have space for! On any given Friday night the crowd filling the building was beyond capacity, and we were serving them from a tiny kitchen. Check out the pictures of our new space! We’ve almost doubled capacity, have a functional, beautiful kitchen, while retaining the same warmth which characterizes our space. We looking forward to building memories with you in this wonderful new space.

Incredible Staff and Student Board

The Jewish Resource Center’s mission is to provide an outlet for students looking to become more involved in Judaism. We provide a place for students to grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually through Shabbat meals, one-on-one learning with a Rabbi, trips to Israel and Poland, and leadership programs.

Rabbi Fully
Rabbi FullyDirector
Rabbi Bausk
Rabbi BauskSnr. Rabbi
Rabbi Yitz
Rabbi YitzProgramming Director
Aviva Gelberman
Aviva GelbermanWomen's Learning
Adina Sebag
Adina SebagWomen's Learning

See you soon at the JRC!!!

Thanks for helping us make 2019 an amazing year!

Our #1 priority is you, the student. With your help the JRC is growing by leaps and bound. Thanks for being our partners! In 2019 we completed a huge renovation and addition to our building, and, you all have come out to fill it to capacity almost every weekend!

I’m so grateful for the JRC. They are the best Jewish organization on campus. The rabbis and other staff genuinely care about us students. Thanks so much!
Alex Benet, College of Pharmacy
I must admit that the JRC is an amazing organization. I joined them for their Maimonides program and learned a lot about Judaism. I’m not a beginner, but the fresh outlook opened my eyes to just how relevant Judaism can be in my own life. Thanks guys.
Jordan, Ross Business School
Friday nights at the JRC for Shabbat is the highlight of my week! The food is amazing and the family atmosphere makes me feel right at home. I really enjoy the families who come out, with all their little children, and join us for the meals.
Sammy, College of Nursing
One on one learning
Shabbat meals served
Maimonides Students
JRC overseas travelers

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