What is Maimonides?

It’s a semester-long program that offers Jewish students like you the core knowledge you need to be an educated and inspired Jew in today’s world. (This small in person class takes place in a large space which gives ample room to follow covid guidelines)

This semester we’ll get together Monday nights, 730p-945p for 10 weeks.

Come engage in discussions with leaders in Jewish thought, business, philanthropy and industry, and acquire the greatest tool you need to stand out as a Jewish leader – knowledge.

Each week comprises of two sessions, such as:

Introduction to Jewish Knowledge: Jewish history, crash course in Jewish knowledge, road map to Jewish learning.

Introduction to Jewish philosophy: The Jewish approach to God and the purpose of our existence, free will, body and soul.

Contemporary Jewish Issues: Men and women, love, relationships, suffering, happiness, Israel, modern ethical dilemmas.

The Foundations of Jewish Leadership: Perfecting the world, character development, measuring success.

Additionally there are two Shabbats, where you and your peers will get to experience Shabbat in the homes of awesome community leaders in Southfield, Michigan.

Students who complete the program receive a $400 stipend!

Maimonides encourages an open and comfortable environment where students of all backgrounds are able to question, challenge and debate the ideas that are discussed throughout the series.



Fall 2021 registration is open

    When is your birthday?
    If you're in a frat/sorority, which one?
    How would you describe your Jewish Affiliation?
    Is your mother Jewish?
    *If yes, by birth?
    Is your father Jewish?
    *If yes, by birth?
    Are your paternal grandparents Jewish?
    *If yes, by birth?
    Are your maternal grandparents Jewish?
    *If yes, by birth?
    What is the highest level of Jewish education you've completed?
    How would you describe your level of Hebrew proficiency?
    Are you interested in studying abroad in Israel?