My Inspire


Welcome to our new virtual Inspire experience. Corona is definitely pushing us to try new things, and we’re going to do that with big smiles and with the hope that we continue to grow and be inspired together.

The Goal: keep our group together, inspired, and growing.

Here’s the plan (for now). To keep our group together we’re going to continue meeting on Mondays at 7:30pm, but we’ll do it over Zoom. To keep you Inspired we’re going to try a two part approach. First is the Zoom meet for around 1 hour. We will focus on providing you with a short inspiring message. The second hour of the program (or really anytime at your pace) you’ll have the opportunity to chose a class from a list of Podcasts that we’ll create. Afterwards you’ll email us a response. If you’d like any specific educator to respond to you,  then CC her or him and that person will try to respond/give feedback.

Please keep in mind, we are continuing to offer Inspire for the purpose of making your life more meaningful, connected and HAPPY. If you’re feeling any stress about our new format, please let us know! We’re all doing our best to be flexible. Corona is not going to beat us! It’s an opportunity for us to try out new ways to learn and grow together.

Your response:

To get credit, you’ll need to email us a response to whatever video you watched. Click this link for the email template. In the CC box are all the educators, please remove all them except 1 (or if you just want a general response, you can remove everyone from the CC portion).

Class 6 (March 16th)

730p – Our first Zoom class.
830p – Select one of the following podcasts, listen to it and fill out this feedback email
Strengthening our faith:
A Rational Approach to Torah’s Divine Origin: LINK
Hidden Codes in the Bible: LINK
Jewish Living:
Why is Orthodox Judaism so rigid?: LINK
Faith, it’s not blind: LINK
7-Wonders of Jewish History: LINK

Class 7 (March 23rd)

730p – Rabbi Yitz – defining Kodesh and Chol
8p – Rabbi Fully – Relationships