Purim Bags!

When: Feb. 23rd. Between 5p – 7p.

Where: JRC building.

What: a yummy gift bag creation and charity event. We’ll provide you with lots of food choices to make shalach manos gift bags for your friends, and you’ll have the opportunity to help bring smiles to low-income families through matanos l’eviyonim (gifts to the poor).

How does this work: sign up for a slot (max 10 people per slot for covid safety). Show up with a mask. We’ll provide lots of nosh, candy, hamentashen, drinks for you to make shalach manos bags. Afterwards you’ll have the option to venmo money which will be distributed on Purim to low-income families.

Why: there are 3 mitzvot on Purim. 1) have a big meal with plentiful drinking, 2) give a food based gift to a friend to increase Jewish achdut, and 3) give gifts to poor families so they can enjoy Purim as well.

Covid makes #1 difficult, but 2 & 3 are very doable!