May 3rd – 18th, 2023

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Michigan will be rockin’ Israel with 15 action packed days of touring and learning. Come see Israel in a new way with an amazing group led by your favorite rabbis. This trip has structure, but also give you lots of freedom to explore on your own. Learn, grow, and be inspired. Whether you’ve never been to Israel, or you’re coming back for another round, we guarantee you’ll love this trip.

  • Daily tours, Jerusalem, Tzfat, the Negev
  • Free nights for partying and exploring

  • Inspirational Jewish content

  • Price, free with $350 deposit (full price for those who can $1899)
    Price includes airfare, transportation, most meals, and lodging!
    Many are eligible for scholarships, Apply today and find out.


Through our partnership with Olami we’re offering you two internship tracks. As a pre-req for this internship, you’ll come to Israel with us for an amazing two week trip. Then take a few weeks off before starting a top-notch internship!

JRC Israel vs. Birthright

JRC Israel Birthright Israel
Do I get to travel with a group? Yes Yes
How do we get to Israel? Direct flight on AA from NYC Depends on the trip
Free nights? At every possibility A few hours in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem
Where do we stay? We’ve found that staying in a new place each night is a schlep, so we make Jerusalem our home base for most of the trip Different locations almost every night.
What will I learn? Inspirational Jewish learning dealing with modern day issues. Tour through ancient historic Israel. Spend time with local Israelis. And more Daily Israeli geo/political issues. Modern history. Experience with IDF soldiers. And more
What activities will we do? Jeeping, kayaking, wine tasting, hiking, personal concerts, small group meetings with Israeli leaders, desert hike, bonfires, Save A Child’s Heart, and a lot more. Since we have 15 days we’re able to do more and at a slower pace Depends on the trip, but you’ll do some the same activities as JRC Israel
How religious is the trip? Not overly religious, has a daily dose of Jewish inspiration Tends to be more secular, but depends on each trip

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