Paid Opportunities

JRC Shabbat Setup

Pay starting at $20/hr

Like to help people, hustle and earn quick cash? The JRC is looking for two students to setup for our Shabbos meals. Easy job, quick cash, and you’ll feel accomplished afterwards. Flexible Friday timing.


Internship up to $1500/year

End Jew Hatred seeks to empower and liberate Jews from centuries of persecution and discrimination. We demand a world in which Jew hatred is acknowledged to be detestable and unacceptable, just as hatred or violence against any other group: blacks, LGBTQ+ or women. We are a non-partisan civil rights movement focused solely on justice for the Jewish people.

We are looking for a campus fellow to be on the front lines of the End Jew Hatred movement instilling pride in the Jewish identity and combating Jew Hatred. We are looking for students who aren’t afraid to get involved and stand up for what’s right. Our fellows are our eyes and ears on campus.

Maimonides Fellowship

Pay up to $400/semester

Get paid to learn. Designed as a course for Jewish students with less background, this is a great way to up your Jewish knowledge, meet lots of new people, and get free dinners!

Thrive Study Abroad

Pay $50/hour + bonuses

Sunshine with a side of hummus! THRIVE is a Tel Aviv/Jerusalem study aboard program we are looking for a motivated student to help us recruit and drive leads from Michigan campus.

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